Thursday, May 11, 2017

Glossary [Systems]

Theme: Systems

The opening through which undigested food is removed from the body

Circulatory System
An organ system that transports digested food, water, oxygen and waste materials

The process by which food is broken down into simpler substances

Digestive System
An organ system that breaks down food into simple substances and absorbs them into the body

A tube that connects the mouth to the stomach

Large Intestine
An organ where water is removed from undigested food

Muscular System
An organ system made of muscles, which helps different parts of the body to move

A body part that performs a specific function

Organ System
A body system made up of different organs, each responsible for carrying out a specific function

Respiratory System
An organ system that takes in air and removes air from the body

A substance produces in the mouth that helps to break down food into simpler substances

Skeletal System
An organ system made of bones, which supports the body, gives it shape and protects organs in the body

Small Intestine
An organ where the digestion of food is completed

An organ where food is digested

A set of parts that work together to carry out a function

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