Thursday, May 11, 2017

Science In Primary School, Singapore

In general, students in Singapore Primary School will learn science starting at Primary 3. The syllabus will cover 5 themes, namely Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Interactions and Energy. Students will study sub-topics under each theme over a period of 4 years, from Primary 3 to Primary 6. All the sub-topics are as follow. Knowing what to study, and when to study is important, for both students and parents in order to well prepare for the exam.

Theme: Diversity

P3 - Living and Non-Living Things
P3 - Plants
P3 - Animals
P3 - Fungi and Bacteria
P3 - Exploring Materials

Theme: Cycles

P3 - Life Cycles
P4 - Matter and Its Three States
P5 - From Parents to Young
P5 - Reproduction in Plants
P5 - Reproduction in Humans
P5 - Water and Changes of State
P5 - The Water Cycle

Theme: Systems

P4 - The Human Body as a System
P4 - The Digestive System
P4 - Plants and Their Parts
P5 - The Plant Transport System
P5 - Air and The Respiratory System
P5 - The Circulatory System
P5 - The Unit of Life
P5 - Electrical Systems
P5 - Using Electricity

Theme: Interactions

P3 - Magnets
P6 - Forces
P6 - Living Together
P6 - Food Chains and Food Webs
P6 - Adaptations
P6 - Man's Impact on His Environment

Theme: Energy

P4 - Light and Shadows
P4 - Heat and Temperature
P5 - Energy in Food
P6 - Forms and Uses of Energy
P6 - Sources of Energy

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