Ultimate Math Companion

I'm current working on the Ultimate Math Companion. This will be the ultimate cheat sheet any student need. Do check back at later time for updates. If you wish to be notified, do write to us via our email contact.

1.      Quick description about Ultimate Math Companion
a.      Concise formula, tables, important notes for Primary Math
b.      Arranged in intuitive tables/format for easy reference
c.      Six years of syllabus compressed in few pages of notes
d.      Best for quick revision right before the exam
e.      Save time & improve revision efficiency

2.      Who is this for?
a.      Students taking PSLE
b.      Primary 4 and Primary 5 students

3.      How to maximize the impact on Math learning for students who use Ultimate Math Companion
a.      Go through the note 5-10 minutes daily. This will tremendously improve the knowledge re-enforcement
b.      A weekly quick reading on all subjects learnt will further improve student’s ability to remember the topics/formula learnt

4.      General notes:
a.      Math is a subject that you need a lot of practices
b.      A simple topic/concept can be tested is many/different ways and format
c.      The Ultimate Math Companion is the best companion to aid you to excel in your Math
d.      Lots of practices is a MUST to familiarize yourself with different ways/trick on the questions

Topics to be covered:
1. Whole Numbers
2. Fraction
3. Decimals
4. Time
5. Shapes
6. Symmetry
7. Nets
8. Tessellation
9. Geometry
10. Perimeter
11. Area
12. Volume
13. Length
14. Mass
15. Average and Ratio
16. Percentage
17. Speed
18. Statistics
19. Algebra